Highpoint: Driskill Mt.
: Louisiana
Height: 535 ft.
Highpoint #: 8
Date: 6/30/2002
Trails: N/A
Distance: About 1.8 miles roundtrip.
Vertical Gain: 150
Time Taken: 1 hr.
Weather: Rain, nice, in the 80s.
Group: JO & BC.
Comments: After Florida, we were obviously tired, but we were determined. We hopped back in the car and continued onward to Louisiana. Wow were we tired when we finally arrived at a random rest stop at 4:30am that night. We were within an hours drive to the Louisiana highpoint. We slept in the car amidst the steady rumble from the trucks of all the sleeping truckers. Sometime that night, JO realized we were suffocating in the car. So he opened the windows and had some more water (it was pretty hot, and steam was building up on the windows). At 7:30am we awoke, strangely refreshed, but not all together rested to say the least. But time to move on! We arrived at the Louisiana highpoint that morning. We parked by the church and set out down the meandering dirt road. Holy cow the soil was orange-red like clay. This was not entirely surprising, but it was still pretty cool. Spider webs.All over the place, and invisible. We took turns blazing a trail through the strands of webbing that crossed the trail. Really annoying. After walking the .9 mile trek up the mountain, we arrived at the summit. Just a cairn and a register, hey not too bad considering, but no view, oh well.

Left: the road behind the church leading to Driskill Mountain.Right: JO at the summit of Driskill Mountain

Still Sunday.After leaving the Louisiana highpoint, we took off to Arkansas, and played slalom with the roadkill.We visited Magazine Mountain, and then headed up to Missouri to within half an hour of Taum Sauk Mountain.


Highpoint: Mt. Magazine State: Arkansas
Height: 2753 ft.
#: 9
Date: 6/30/2002
Trails: Mount Magazine Trail
Distance: About 1 mile roundtrip.
Vertical Gain: 100 feet
Time Taken: 1 hr.
Weather: Nice day, 70ís, breezy
Group: JO & BC.
Comments:We arrived late in the afternoon. This highpoint was very well maintained, and featured a nice gravel path all the way to the top. No view from there, but still a very pleasant hike.If only Arkansas could do something about all that roadkill . . .

Left: the very well-groomed trail to the summit of Magazine Mountain.Right: JO at the highpoint.Amazingly, there was no roadkill.

After Magazine, we continued on into Missouri.We ended up at a motel near the MO highpoint, and went to bed around midnight.

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